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Related post: Date: Fri, 5 Feb 2010 20:12:51 -0800 (PST) From: Jon T. Subject: Queer For My Son - Chapter 1This is a work of cgiworld bbs fiction - these characters exist only in my fevered imagination. This story features sex between a father and his son who is a minor at the start. If you're not into that or if you are not of an age to be reading X-rated stories, please go elsewhere. If you wish to provide feedback, you can contact me at Just so you know, I have not had personal experience with incest, nor do I advocate for it.Queer For My Son - Chapter 1 I was in bed one night when I heard a familiar sound coming from the room across the hall. I was the father of the horniest 17-year-old one could possibly imagine. If he wasn't jacking, he had porn playing on his computer or, as often as possible, a girl in his room fucking the bejabbers out of her. Tonight, he had his girlfriend Amanda in his room. I acranym bbs had heard them come in, whispering and giggling. They went into his room, and it wasn't long before I heard the telltale noises of human copulation. My name is teeny lls bbs Martin Jordan. Everyone calls me Marty. At the time all this was happening, I was 42, about 6'2", in the best physical condition of my life. I had lived with my son Dane, just the two naturist bbs gallery bbs young toplist dark of us, since his mother, my wonderful Diane, died of ovarian cancer five years previously. naked skinny girls bbs It was a tremendous ordeal when she was ill and a huge blow to both Dane tiny teen bbs posts and me when she wasted away and died before our eyes despite everyone's best efforts to help her beat it. Dane and I had tried to move on, but it hadn't been easy, nor had it been particularly successful. I guess that's why I had been more relaxed with him than a lot of fathers would be. He was a good student, seemingly grounded in his schoolwork and sports activities. He was kind with good instincts, and respectful of those around him. All things considered, he was a boy I could be proud of. If he liked to fuck around, I couldn't judge him - I had been the same way sex bbs portal when I was his age. I told him if he got a girl pregnant, he was to man up to it and be there for her and for the baby. But if I caught him fucking without protection, I would kick his very young bbs nude ass. young hot child bbs As long nudist bbs list as he was under my roof, that was one rule he was to follow without fail. I fervently hoped that would preclude getting a girl pregnant. He had a wonderfully promising future, and bbs girl models I didn't want to think of the degree to which an unwanted pregnancy would fuck things up. It was my biggest fear, that and him sustaining a career-ending injury. He had told japan bbs photo girl me that Amanda was on the pill, so I wasn't too concerned on the pregnancy front with bbs amateur pic her. I child bbs pictures was a high school history teacher at a high school in Chandler, Arizona. I also coached the school's wrestling team, more or less as a volunteer in that I didn't get paid extra for a per diem when the team went out strap on girls bbs of town. The wrestling coach had been a paid position until a couple rape forum bbs of years before sun bbs top sites when the school system had run into financial problems and had to cut several of its kids bbs pics athletic teams. The paris hilton bbs image coach at that time took it personally and had moved on. I took the team over to keep the state championship-caliber program from dying. I had wrestled continuously since high school, in competition as a young man and as a hobby later on, but had never coached before. Despite that, the kids continued their winning ways, and they and their parents seemed to trust me. The kids had to commit a lot of time and hard work, and the parents had to pay a hefty participation fee and provide all their sons' gear. Dane was the star of my team, in the heavyweight division. sven zeps bbs He was two inches taller than me, about 6'4", and built like a wall - bulging pectorals, washboard stomach, shoulders out to there tapering down to an enviable narrow waist. Throughout the year, he worked sun bbs boys out like a mad man. Though he was only 17, he was already hairy all over, except for his back. I could only imagine what he would look like ten years from now. He was also wickedly handsome with dirty blonde bbs jpg ls girls hair that he sex video posting bbs liked to wear long except during wrestling season. It was no wonder he couldn't beat the girls off with a stick. Many folks assumed he was big and stupid. Nothing could be further from the truth. He was, for the most part, a straight-A student, very near the my little sister bbs top of his class. He was the defending state champion in his weight division. It was odd how he had settled into wrestling when he was a sophomore in high school. He had tried other sports, and for one reason or another, they hadn't worked out. He didn't like being clobbered on every play in football. He wasn't fast enough for basketball or track. The track coach had tried to interest him in javelin and shot put, but those activities were just too solitary for him. In wrestling, it was entirely up to him to succeed, and he was surrounded by other boys with the same goals. bbs spam It was right down his alley. I had permitted him models kids bbs to get a couple of tattoos on his upper child nonnude bbs arms for his 17th birthday. On his right arm, he had a heart with the phrase "Diane - My Mom - RIP," which I thought was very asia bbs movie sweet. On the other side, he had an Arizona State Sun naturalism child bbbss Devil, since it had always been his dream to attend that school. He was a month shy of his 18th birthday, and three months away from high school graduation. He already had a full ride scholarship to ASU, based on wrestling as well as academics. I was very cool with that since ASU was my alma elwebbs russian mater. I was also bursting with pride, to the point of tears if I allowed myself to dwell on it. Anyway, back to the Friday evening in question: Dane's bedroom was across the hall from mine, and quite often, he fucked with the door wide open, like he wanted me to know what he was doing. Tonight, though my door was closed, I could tell he was really drilling Amanda. I could hear her moaning and him grunting, their bodies slapping together. It was giving me quite a boner of my own russian girls bbs which I was sure I would relieve myself of later that night. I groped myself under my sheet. Though Dane had me beat in every other physical department, I still had him beat in the cock department. Mine bbs toplist bbs was close to nine inches, quite thick, with an overhang of foreskin. Dane was also uncut, with about eight inches, not quite as thick. I had no doubt he would completely surpass me before he was done growing. I generally tried to give the boy his privacy, but tonight I was too horned up not to sneak a peek. I put down the book I had been trying to read and climbed out of bed. When I bbs kiddys stood, my cock obscenely pushed out the front of my sleep pants. gallery tgp bbs I gave it a good squeeze, noting the precum that was causing a damp spot. I tiptoed into the hallway and got into a position where I could look into Dane's room without being readily seen. Dane was fucking Amanda doggie-style. They were facing the side of his bed. There was a full-length mirror on Dane's closet door. He was narcissistic enough that he liked imageboard lola bbs to watch himself fuck. A porn star in the making, I sometimes thought. Amanda's full breasts were swinging beneath her, his beefy hands occasionally bbs best fuck list squeezing them. I could see Dane's cock sliding in and out of her juicy cunt. I pulled down the waistband of my sleep pants, freeing my cock and positioning the band underneath my hairy balls. I stroked myself gently, reveling in the site of my son fucking cp bbs tpg his beautiful blonde girlfriend. Suddenly, we were all jolted by the sound of rompl yo bbs a ringing cellphone. Apparently it was Amanda's - I knew it wasn't mine, and Dane, I knew, would be sure to have his turned off. Dane grunted, "Why didn't you turn that thing off?" Amanda leaped from the bed and dived for her purse. "My mom said she might call. Daddy's bbs board yo afraid he's bbs preten japan teen bbs going to get laid off today." She retrieved the phone and greeted her mother. From the look on her face, which I could see reflected in Dane's mirror, I knew the news wasn't good. "Oh, Mama! I'll come right home!" She closed the phone, returned it to her purse, and began to scramble for her asian bbs xxx clothing. Dane was not happy. "But I was about to cum!" He was now sitting on his haunches, his sheathed cock jerking in front of him. "You'll just have to jerk off. You've done that before, haven't you?" "I don't want to jerk off! bbs russia sex defloration You've been promising me all paradise bbs sven week!" "Sorry, baby." By now, Amanda was dressed. I withdrew to my room before she could step into the hallway. I heard her as beach nude bbs she hurried through the house. The front door closing had a sound of finality about it. I was sitting on the side of my bed thinking about what I had witnessed when I looked up to see Dane's large frame filling my doorway. "I know you were watching, sexy kids bbs Dad. I could see you." "Sorry, son. You forum bbs young porn know I usually don't do that. You could close your door, you know." Dane was naked. His cock had receded to half-mast. "It's OK with me. I love an audience. You know that." "So you want your old man to bbs movie porn watch you fuck your girl, huh. How weird is that." "Pretty fuckin' weird, all right. Can I come in?" "Can you slip on some clothes first?" "You see me all the time - here, at school, you name it." "OK, bbs porn passwords I guess." Dane came into my room and flopped himself down on the bed child teen porn bbs beside me. His thick uncut cock lay across his thigh, the tip still leaking precum. His egg-sized balls settled between his thighs. "Get naked, Dad. Let's squeeze one off together." We had done that more than a few times over the past few years, young angel cum bbs but I was increasingly uncomfortable with it. I had to acknowledge that, deep down, I wanted to do more than just watch him get off. Sometimes I thought he had similar ideas. "Son, I don't know..." "Oh, come on, Dad. Look at forum bbs ru you. You're bbs little girl hard as a rock!" I could smell my son's bbs pedo portal musk. The odor of Amanda's pussy lingered in the air. "Son..." "Dad. Don't leave me hanging. Here, let me help." Before I could move, Dane was standing in front of me, pulling at my pants just above the knee. "Dane! Damn it! I'll do it myself!" I annoyed at his persistence and excited at the same time. I stood and pulled my bbs model girl pants down, stepping out of them. My cock sprung up, catching Dane under his meaty, hairy balls. Precum slimed his ball sac. "Fuck! You got it goin' on tonight, Dad!" I fell back onto the bed. I looked him up and down. "Get your ass over here, boy." "Watch who you're young teen bbs links calling boy!" As I swung my legs around and moved to where I was leaning against the padded headboard, Dane hurried to the other bbs imageboard black girls side of the queen-sized bed and climbed on. He joined me in leaning his back against the headboard. His cock was rising to the occasion. I was embarrassed but totally horned up. I grasped my rigid cock and began to stroke slowly. I felt like I could blow my load at any moment. Dane toyed with his balls shock bbs pic and then ls magazin lol bbs tugged at his foreskin. "I'm so glad you didn't have me cut." "The doctor really wanted to, but both me and your mom said absolutely not." "Thank you! I just naked baby bbs wish I had bbs kds portals as much foreskin as you do." 13.y.o bbs "Yeah. It is kind of fun, for sure." I played with it, running my finger inside and around the klass bbs biz rim of my cockhead. The sensation caused me to groan. We lay companionably side by side, slowly stroking our stiff rods, both wanting to make it last. Dane spoke up again. "I was hoping she'd take it up the ass tonight." I was surprised. "Has she done it before?" "Yeah, maybe twice for a couple of minutes each time. It hurts her a lot. But it's so tight! Her pussy is great, but her ass - oh, man!" "Yeah. So I've heard." Dane smirked at me. "You've heard about Amanda's ass?" I chuckled. "No. I haven't, smart-ass. You know what I mean." "You ever done it before? Fucked someone up the ass?" "Not really. Look at this thing. Most assholes aren't that accommodating." "You ever been fucked?" I was shocked. "That would be a big 'no' to that!" "There are some guys at school who fuck around with each other. They've invited me to join in a few times." I was doubly shocked. "Who would that be?" ls magazine bbs gallery "I don't want to top50 young girls bbs get anyone in trouble. It doesn't matter anyway - I'm not going to do it. I've thought about it, though. I've free bbs nudes heard guys have an easier time with it than girls do." His hand was moving faster bbs top kds on his dick. bbs litle teen My mind was reeling. It stunned pretenn bbs me that my son could talk so casually about having anal sex with other guys. "I know the kids at school are a lot more casual about things than they were in my day, but..." "I know several gay kids. It's no big deal. I feel sorry for them in a way young bbs post - being gay in high school is shocking teens bbs no bbs girl nn easy thing, so I've never given anyone a hard time about it. In fact, I've come down pretty hard on some of the bullies. But I ain't fucking any of boy picture bbs them. This cock is reserved for pussy." I was proud of him for not bullying. Certainly he could if he chose to, being the size that he was. I was always on the outlook for kids being bullied in my classes. I had even had a pair of boys who were having difficulty come to me for help. Lost in the bbs ls nymph sensations of my hand on my cock, I game gallery bbs found myself looking at Dane's stud cock and wondering... "God!" "What, Dad?" "Never mind! Let's finish this up! Got a busy day ahead of us!" "OK." Dane lazily turned onto his right bbs tiny girls side, propping up his head with his right hand and switching to his left hand on his cock. He hentai pre bbs was an ambidextrous stroker, something I couldn't conceive of. I was a rightie all the way. He regarded me with loving eyes. The roughness of his late-night shadow combined with his movie-star good looks - expressive blue eyes, perfect nose, full lips, strong jaw and chin, all lit up with a beautiful smile and framed by hair that appeared to have been carefully colored by a beautician, though I knew it hadn't bbs imgboard cgiworld dreamwiz been - made even this old straight guy's heart beat a little faster. It was little wonder that he could get into just about any girl's panties. But a small alarm went off in my head. "What are you doing?" His deep voice rumbled. ls studio klass bbs "I like to watch you. You're such a fuckin' stud." Once again, my mind was spinning. I stopped stroking. "Son, are you... are you trying to tell me something?" "What would that be, Dad?" "Are you gay? Or bisexual?" Dane seemed to think that incest forum bbs was svens guestbook bbs the funniest thing he had ever heard. He chuckled as he responded, "Fuck, no, man! Didn't you hear what I just said? And you saw me with Amanda tonight! Did I look gay to you?" "No, not at all. But this conversation might lead one to think." "Bisexual, I dunno. I don't to plan to find out. No, Dad. But I do think guys are interesting to bbs russian young models look at. They're just like girls - they're all so different. Big cocks, little cocks, lots of hair, no hair." Dane was yakking away like he often did when jacking off. Monologues like this one reminded me that he really was a boy - a very manly boy, but a boy nonetheless. "When they bend over, their little assholes can look just like a pussy. And you can't tell how strong a guy is by looking at free youngest bbs him. I've practiced with some of the kids who are in the lower weight classes at school. Well, you already knew that. There are only a couple of other heavyweights on our team, you know, and I can beat them into the ground. Gets boring. Sometimes you take me to the Y so I can practice with older guys, like we're doing top rated bbs tomorrow. But I love working with the lighter kids. Some of them can really pack a wallop! It's fun, a little guy squirming around, doing everything he can to pin me! Sometimes his cock'll even get hard! I can feel it pressing against me!" My mind was attempting to listen to Dane's rushed words, but I was mainly concentrating on bbs sun lola my cock. I was dark bbs pic breathing faster and faster. Dane was stroking faster and beginning to gasp and grunt, a sign that he was getting close. His foreskin was hypnotic in the way it slid back and forth over his thick shiny cockhead. He gritted girl nude bbs his teeth as he said, "But I bbs elweb ls told you, Dad. This dick is for ladies only!" Just then, he blew a huge nacked bbs load all over me. Six, seven, eight spurts. It felt virgins bbs 10 yo like a slow-motion film as I watched his piss slit widen and spew forth with huge gouts of cum. His cum felt almost molten as he hosed me down with it. It seemed an eternity before it slowed illegal bbs toplist and stopped. This was very rare - almost never had cum from the other touched either of us in past episodes. When I bbs 13 sex was much younger, I had more than one jack-off session where another guy's cum had landed on me. In no way had I regarded that as being intimate. This was entirely different."Whoa! Dad! I'm so sorry!"But bbs young nude as he was apologizing, I was shooting a big load of my own, splattering myself from my chin to my pubes. I kds bbs forums fucked upward into my hand, my asshole clenching. I almost passed out from the intensity of it. It blew my mind that it was almost spontaneous - I had resumed stroking very lightly when, all of a sudden, bam! I looked child sex image bbs down at the cummy mess that covered me from my chin to my groin. Dane european child model bbs was already hairier than me, but I had plenty of it on my chest and stomach. ls bbs child nude My underground bbs sex pubic bush was profuse. All of it was matted down with cum.Dane was pulling at his cock and flicking cum from his fingers onto my chest. He was grinning wildly. "Fuck, Dad! You are fuckin' hot! Look at you! You're a mess! All covered in jizz!" He reached out and gathered some of my cum from my upper arm onto his finger, popping it into his mouth. "Tastes great!"As I instinctively stuck my tongue out and lapped up cum from my chin that had almost landed in my mouth, I could only think, "What teens bbs models the fuck is going on here?"
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